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Since 1975, we’ve uncovered a number of problems related to the expansion of pyritic shale in Quebec.

This phenomenon often causes the foundation to heave, starting in the places where the concrete is thinnest. In some cases, this may lead to the appearance of fissures and buckling. In other cases, the concrete slab may simply swell without cracking. We recommend having the backfill under your foundation analyzed by a specialized firm.

Pyrite is an iron sulfide found in small quantities in various types of rock. There are two types of pyrite: cubic pyrite, which is stable, and framboidal pyrite, which is more problematic. When exposed to high levels of moisture or humidity, it can swell and cause your backfill or concrete foundation to rise.

Addressing the situation quickly can prevent damage to your foundation and load-bearing walls. Don’t ignore a crack! Inspect it right away! This can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses down the road.

To prevent swelling in your foundation and your pyrite removal bill, think DÉCONTAMINATION OPC!

We will do the following:

-Design an action plan to define the work methods

-Secure the area and access routes to the worksite

-Prepare the site for concrete demolition work

-Prepare the access routes to remove the demolition debris

-Remove the backfill down to the bedrock or soil

-Manage the debris

-Install a 6 mm membrane

-Backfill with rock in accordance with current regulations

-Pour a new concrete foundation that complies with current standards

Once the decontamination work has been completed in the designated areas, we guarantee that the soil will be completely free of pyrite.

Décontamination OPC is led by an operations manager with more than 25 years of experience in cleanup, restoration and decontamination work. Over the years, he has successfully directed more than 10,000 specialized decontamination operations. As a result, he can honestly say that there’s no problem or tough situation he and his team haven’t encountered at some point in time. For high-quality decontamination services at a fair price by an experienced team, you can count on us.