Oil damage

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(fuel oil)


When there’s damage caused by fuel oil, it’s often tempting to ignore it. However, this problem shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to contact professionals right away to clean up the oil spill properly.

Our team will:

  • Eliminate the source
  • Evaluate the damage using drilling or other analytical methods
  • Establish a decontamination protocol
  • Vacuum up any excess oil with the aid of a tank or absorbent materials
  • Excavate the affected area by drilling
  • Remove all of the contaminated backfill
  • Perform analyses to ensure that the soil has been completely decontaminated
  • Clean up the area thoroughly
  • Apply a deodorizing treatment
  • Restore the premises to the desired conditions

Following fuel oil removal operations, it’s important for the soil to be completely decontaminated. As long as you have chosen to implement all of our recommendations, we guarantee that it will be.

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