Mold removal and remediation

Have you recently discovered a problem with mold? At Décontamination OPC, we’re your experts in mold removal and remediation in Quebec.

The primary factors that cause mold to proliferate are unquestionably water and humidity. That’s why it’s imperative to act quickly in the event of a flood, water leak or excess moisture. In fact, if materials are exposed to moisture for an extended period, this will engender spores and fungi, which will alter the quality of the air and affect the health of the building’s occupants.

Keep in mind that the spores, which are microscopic fungi, can start growing in as little as 48 hours. Once they gain a foothold, they can propagate rapidly on construction materials and in the air.

Leaks and water damage? Professional cleanup

When it comes to your health, don’t take unnecessary risks: call on our team of specialists. Our technicians have extensive experience, as well as all the necessary products and tools to provide effective mold removal services.

Mold remediation: call on the decontamination experts

At Décontamination OPC, we use proven techniques to completely eliminate all traces of mold and guarantee optimum-quality results. Based on our experience, we know that this rigorous approach is essential for guaranteeing that your property is fully restored after having been afflicted by mold. With Décontamination OPC, you’ll be kept up to date on how the work is progressing. You’ll be happy to know that we have all the necessary training, as well as a general contractor’s license. You can also breathe easy, knowing that we’re covered by specialized insurance.

Here are the procedures we follow for mold remediation:

  • Rigorous application of the decontamination and safety protocols recommended by environmental experts
  • Hermetic quarantine of contaminated zones, putting the site under negative pressure
  • Dehumidification (if necessary) and HEPA filtration in open or closed circuits, depending on the situation
  • Removal, decontamination and storage of all furnishings and other items, either on-site or in a secure facility, until the work is completed
  • Rapid treatment of surface mold to prevent it from propagating
  • Secure demolition and removal of damaged and contaminated materials using IRSST-approved methods
  • Application of an appropriate fungicidal solution to all hard surfaces
  • Vacuuming of all surfaces using a HEPA filtration system
  • Fine decontamination of all non-porous surfaces using a biocide
  • Antibacterial fogging throughout the premises
  • Air-quality analysis by an independent firm (upon request)
  • Certification of professional decontamination, as well as air-quality test results (if necessary)
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