Décontamination OPC: your trusted decontamination company in Laval, the Laurentians and the Greater Montreal

A decontamination company specializing in mold removal and asbestos cleanup, Décontamination OPC puts a team of experts at your disposal for all your decontamination needs.

Mold remediation and asbestos cleanup

Have you discovered traces of mold or asbestos in your home or business? It’s important that you take care of it right away. Both of these materials pose serious health risks and must be treated quickly in order to prevent propagation and additional contamination. Whether for asbestos cleanup or mold remediation services, our technicians will be more than happy to come meet with you, help you find a solution and eliminate the problem.

Entrust the work to an established, reputable decontamination company. You can count on Décontamination OPC!

Décontamination OPC

Québec, H7M 4T5

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You can reach us by telephone at 514 666-3326, or by email at info@decontaminationopc.com

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